As new technologies and 21st-century curricula transform the learning landscape, classroom furniture needs to evolve to accommodate more individual learning styles and maximize teaching efficiency. However, furnishing a 21st-century classroom can be costly. In this age of advanced production capabilities and globalization, is the ability to develop and manufacture high- quality yet affordable educational furniture too much to ask?

Not at all. We call it THE LUXOR CLASSROOM.

The Luxor Classroom is the culmination of decades of our education experience and manufacturing best practices. It demonstrates our commitment and belief that no student should be denied the benefits of a modern learning environment because of a modest furniture budget. That’s why each piece is designed to balance flexibility and functionality with practicality — to make the modern classroom more affordable.

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Education today is no longer “one size fits all.” No two classrooms, educators or students are alike. Advances in our understanding of how students learn have influenced the lessons, methods and technologies educators employ. The physical classroom is similarly changing; more ergonomic and reconfigurable in its design, it’s adapting to a shifting educational landscape that encompasses creative, collaborative learning as well as independent study. Aesthetically appealing, flexible furniture that allows students to quickly shift tasks or learning modes has become the new norm. The only question for many districts is: Can we afford it?

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