Luxor Workspaces Donates Hand Sanitizer To Local Schools, Police, Fire, And Nonprofit Organizations
WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS (4/20/21) – Luxor, a leader in designing and manufacturing innovative workspace product solutions, is proud to announce its recent donation of over 100,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to help keep their local communities safe. This donation will support first responders, including police and fire departments, as well as area schools, municipalities, food depositories, nonprofit organizations, and others.

“A serious challenge facing our first responders and frontline workers is safely doing their jobs during this pandemic,” said Luxor’s President, Paul Roche. “Experts say that maintaining clean hands is among the most effective ways to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Since hand sanitizer is a much-needed safety item, we felt that donating our inventory offered a chance to make a meaningful contribution that will benefit many people and causes.”

Roche explained that at the beginning of the pandemic, when stores were in short supply of hand sanitizer, Luxor invested in case packs of premium-quality hand sanitizer gel for wholesale distribution. This temporary solution offered Luxor customers a chance to obtain a much-needed product they couldn’t source elsewhere.

Now that supply has caught up with demand, Luxor decided to donate its inventory to where it can do the most good.

“At Luxor, we believe it is our social responsibility to help the people in our community stay safe, and we’re confident our donations will do just that,” Roche said.

Photos provided courtesy of the Waukegan Police Department


About Luxor Workspaces: Luxor Workspaces, LLC is a global market leader in designing and manufacturing innovative workspace product solutions for diverse industries. Known for employing manufacturing best practices and providing exceptional customer service, Luxor develops furniture solutions that foster more collaborative, functional, and productive work environments. Our extensive range of products includes standing desks, industrial carts, computer workstations, charging solutions, dry erase boards, and separation panels for socially distanced offices and classrooms.